Current ember-rails loads ember-data at rev 11 but including rev 12 API changes? #164

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I just bundle updated ember-rails today and got some really non helpful errors. Turns out that I needed to change my json format for ember-data. That would have been expected except that the ember-data source included states it is still on rev 11. The changes I had to make are the association references item_ids instead of items in the json which are rev 12 changes. I thought this was odd and possibly something that would have others scratching their heads.

Gemfile.lock has me on:

ember-rails (0.11.1)
barber (0.4.1)
ember-data-source (0.0.5)
ember-source (0.0.3)

I just post this as an FYI. Not sure is or where this is a problem or a bug.

This still seems to be an issue. Even getting latest releases using "rails g ember:install --HEAD" didnt solve the issue. ember-rails creates the ember.js and ember-data.js files under tmp/ember-rails/ folder And even replacing them with the newer ember and ember-data javascript, It seems to auto generate the files with the older versions for these upon application run. I also dont know if this is a bug, but I would like to know how to solve this problem.


please ensure you are on ember-rails master. @QuentinLangeveldt please let me know if rails g ember:install --HEAD doesn't work for you on master. I am quite confident it does.


@eimermusic in-order to use rev 12, your gemfile should be as follows:

gem 'ember-rails'
gem 'ember-source', '1.0.0.rc4' # or the version you need
gem 'handlebars-source', '1.0.0.rc4' # or the version you need

and you should install ember-data from the CDN.
We are planning an ember-data and ember.rc4 release shortly, this should help fix some of the issues. Also once we are out of RC's ember-rails gem dependencies should be less of a ghetto.

Thank you very much @stefanpenner

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