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Automate upgrade of ember versions #22

alexrothenberg opened this Issue Mar 31, 2012 · 4 comments

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I'm thinking of adding a rake task to update the js files in vendor/assets/javscripts from somewhere but don't know if there's an official ember location where the built files are posted. I'm happy to do the work and submit a pull request if someone can point me in the right direction.

I've seen 2 links on the site for

I can build ember and get these generated files


BUT I am not sure how to map either of the above to the 5 files in this gem


Where has this gem gotten its .js files in the past?

fpauser commented Mar 31, 2012

vendor/assets/javascripts/ember-precompiler.js is the precompiler and should only be changed to fix bugs or to add features.

I'd say its mapped like this:

dist/ember-runtime.js => vendor/assets/javascripts/ember-runtime-dev.js
dist/  => vendor/assets/javascripts/ember-runtime.js
dist/ember.js => vendor/assets/javascripts/ember-dev.js
dist/ => vendor/assets/javascripts/ember.js
joliss commented Apr 26, 2012

#45 would fix this.

@joliss joliss referenced this issue Apr 26, 2012

Submodules #45

@joliss joliss added a commit to joliss/ember-rails that referenced this issue May 28, 2012
@joliss joliss Add Ember.js and Ember Data through submodules, and add an :assets ra…
…ke task. Fixes #4, #22. Closes #23

This issue was fixed in the ember repo emberjs/ember.js#1267 ; but once I try ember-rails with jquery-rails (which downloads jQuery 1.8) I still get Uncaught Error: assertion failed: Ember Views require jQuery 1.7 and emberjs version is still // Version: v0.9.1-1490-g0dc82cc
// Last commit: 0dc82cc (2012-07-31 14:13:27 +0200)
which is definitely not the last one.

Ember.js member

Does this mean that you would be able to fetch the latest version from github?

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