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How to Run Unit Tests

  1. Install Ruby and Rubygems. There are many resources on the web can help you to do so, one of the best ways may be rvm.

  2. Install spade. Follow instructions on its project page.

  3. Install sproutcore-preprocessor via spade install sproutcore-preprocessor.

  4. Enter the following commands in your command shell:

    cd sproutcore20
    spade update
    spade preview
  5. Then visit: http://localhost:4020/tests.html?package=PACKAGE_NAME. Replace 'PACKAGE_NAME' with the name of the package you want to run. For example:

Adding New Packages

Be sure you include the new package as a dependency in the global package.json and run spade update.

Note that unless you are adding new tests or adding a new package you should not need to run spade update.

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