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Update instructions for building API docs - Fixes #1398

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@@ -149,13 +149,17 @@ See <> for annotated introductory documentation.
## Preview API documenation
-* run `rake docs:preview`
+* Clone at the same level as the
+ main Ember repo.
-* The `docs:preview` task will build the documentation and make it available at <http://localhost:9292/index.html>
+* From the website repo, run `rake preview`
+* The docs will be available at <http://localhost:4567/api>
## Build API documentation
-* run `rake docs:build`
+* From the website repo, run `rake build`
-* HTML documentation is built in the `docs` directory
+* The website, along with documentation will be built into the `build`
+ directory
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