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# How to Run Unit Tests
- cd amber
- spade update
- spade preview
+1. Install Ruby and Rubygems. There are many resources on the web can help you to do so, one of the best ways may be [rvm](
+2. Install spade. Follow instructions on [its project page](
+3. Install sproutcore-preprocessor via `spade install sproutcore-preprocessor`.
+3. Enter the following commands in your command shell:
+ cd sproutcore20
+ spade update
+ spade preview
-Then visit: http://localhost:4020/tests.html?package=PACKAGE_NAME. Please 'PACKAGE_NAME' with the name of the package you want to run. For example:
+4. Then visit: http://localhost:4020/tests.html?package=PACKAGE_NAME. Replace 'PACKAGE_NAME' with the name of the package you want to run. For example:
* [SproutCore Runtime](http://localhost:4020/tests.html?package=sproutcore-runtime)
* [SproutCore Views](http://localhost:4020/tests.html?package=sproutcore-views)

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