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Adds rootElement and eventDispatcher documentation

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Tom Dale
Tom Dale committed Aug 28, 2012
1 parent 9ecb570 commit 479e598eaea64f6714b8a4619e8cb5ca87ccc6a5
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@@ -190,16 +190,29 @@ Ember.Application = Ember.Namespace.extend(
/** @scope Ember.Application.prototype */{
The root DOM element of the Application.
The root DOM element of the Application. This can be specified as an
element or a
[jQuery-compatible selector string](
Can be specified as DOMElement or a selector string.
This is the element that will be passed to the Application's,
`eventDispatcher`, which sets up the listeners for event delegation. Every
view in your application should be a child of the element you specify here.
@type DOMElement
@default 'body'
rootElement: 'body',
The `Ember.EventDispatcher` responsible for delegating events to this
application's views.
The event dispatcher is created by the application at initialization time
and sets up event listeners on the DOM element described by the
application's `rootElement` property.
See the documentation for `Ember.EventDispatcher` for more information.
@type Ember.EventDispatcher
@default null

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