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Inconsistent ApplicationView rendering issue #1010

commadelimited opened this Issue Jun 15, 2012 · 17 comments

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I'm reading up on Ember.Router and found a fiddle written by @jbrown that illustrated the concept:

When I copied the code and ran it locally I found I was getting intermittent errors. It runs just fine once, then will error a few times in a row. This happens on a hard refresh, or a plain reload.

Here's my copy of the code as well as the full error stack.
Browser is Chrome 20.0.1132.27 beta
Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 build 11D50

Uncaught Error: <App.ApplicationView:ember266> - Unable to find template "application". ember-latest.js:11528
    Ember.View.Ember.Object.extend.templateForName ember-latest.js:11528
    Ember.View.Ember.Object.extend.template ember-latest.js:11476
    ComputedPropertyPrototype.get ember-latest.js:2138
    get ember-latest.js:1222
    Ember.View.Ember.Object.extend.render ember-latest.js:11776
    Ember.View.Ember.Object.extend.renderToBuffer ember-latest.js:12470
    Ember.View.Ember.Object.extend.createElement ember-latest.js:12267
    Ember.View.states.preRender.insertElement ember-latest.js:13055
    Ember.View.Ember.Object.extend.invokeForState ember-latest.js:11830
    invoke ember-latest.js:3439
    iter ember-latest.js:3486
    Ember.ArrayUtils.forEach ember-latest.js:433
    RunLoop.flush ember-latest.js:3540
    RunLoop.end ember-latest.js:3458 ember-latest.js:3638

Try to add initialize() to Application ready function. Then all views shall be ready.

    ready: function () {

Update on this issue. I experience the same behavior on my PC at home with one addition. Sometimes the app partially loads with an additional error (or this error alone).

Windows 7
Chrome 21.0.1171.0 dev-m

Stack trace

Uncaught Error: <App.Router:ember169> could not respond to event unroutePath in state root. ember-latest.js:16716
    Ember.StateManager.Ember.State.extend.sendRecursively ember-latest.js:16716
    Ember.StateManager.Ember.State.extend.sendRecursively ember-latest.js:16714
    Ember.StateManager.Ember.State.extend.send ember-latest.js:16695
    Ember.Router.Ember.StateManager.extend.route ember-latest.js:17426
    Ember.Application.Ember.Namespace.extend.startRouting ember-latest.js:11835
    Ember.Application.Ember.Namespace.extend.initialize ember-latest.js:11800
    (anonymous function)

@SauliusB that didn't seem to help. I was able to add an additional error message though. Oddness. Thanks for trying to help though.

Ember.js member

@commadelimited Are you using the latest master? If so, you need to change the instances of Ember.State to Ember.Route in your router.


That's fair enough, but the more important question is why isn't @wagenet experiencing the same issue when viewing my code.

Ember.js member
wagenet commented Jul 9, 2012

@commadelimited The intermittent error would imply a timing issue. If it makes you feel any better, I just hit it.

Ember.js member
wagenet commented Jul 9, 2012

@commadelimited, @bradleypriest has the right direction here. The issue is that initialize is getting called before your templates are loaded. This should be fixed by moving your <script src="js/app.js"></script> to the end. However, it's worth considering if there's a better way for us to do this.


Peter, do you mean the end of the page? I know that's best practice and all but I really hate doing that. Script tags belong on the head...old school and all.

Ember.js member
wagenet commented Jul 9, 2012

@commadelimited Yes, that's what I meant.

hnan commented Jul 12, 2012

Moving the app.js to the end doesn't help. As @SauliusB said, Moving App.initialize()' into ready function solved the problem, for me at least.

Ember.js member
trek commented Jul 12, 2012

I think there's a hesitation to "fix" this within the library because it relates to bigger issues in web development and a particular application's environment: using a preprocessor, DOM-readiness, loading templates incrementally, etc.

There was discussion of checking at App.initialize time whether Handlebars had finished bootstrapping and issuing a warning so you'd at least know _why_you were getting this warning. Suggesting specific ways to to resolve the warning is probably beyond the scope of the framework.

@wagenet wagenet closed this in cbb61a5 Jul 17, 2012
@wagenet wagenet reopened this Jul 17, 2012
Ember.js member
wagenet commented Jul 17, 2012

Looks like I was mistaken. This isn't fixed yet.

Ember.js member
wagenet commented Jul 17, 2012

Nevermind, this should be fixed. My test for it was messed up.

@wagenet wagenet closed this Jul 17, 2012

this is not fixed


There seems to be some keyword or string formatting issues here. I worked around it by using template names like "app-handlebars" instead of "application" or "application.handlebars".


I can confirm this is not fixed.
Moved the script tag to end of page and it works.


I had this when learning ember from "Advice on & Instruction in the Use Of Ember.js" by Trek. It solves when moving the script to the end of the file. As from purplegit comment, it must be a coincidence... change the names does not solved for me.
I'm using local files:

  • ember-1.0.0-pre.2.js
  • handlebars-1.0.rc.1.js and
  • jquery-1.8.3.js
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