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Checkbox checked value update is different depending on browser #2604

anfuerer opened this Issue · 5 comments

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If I implement a checkbox view where I access the checkbox value with this.get('checked') I get different values depending on the browser.

See jsfiddle:


As a workaround I had to implement it using jQuery ìs(':checked')` to have consistent behavior across Chrome and Firefox.

click: function (evt) {
    var isChecked = this.$().is(':checked')
    console.log( 'click changed to %@'.fmt(isChecked) );

Chrome 26, OSX
Firefox 20, OSX


tl;dr I don't think this is a bug because change should happen after click.

I think this could be because the change event is firing after the click event in Firefox. If you look at the Ember source for Ember.Checkbox you'll see this:

init: function(){

This is just showing you that the event for changing the property happens on change. I forked your fiddle here: and got consistent results in both browsers by changing the click handler to a change handler.

Does that make sense?


I suspect @fivetanley is correct. This is a reported Firefox issue

@trek trek closed this

you're right, thanks guys!

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