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{{#link-to}} 'active' class present on incorrect links #4522

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There seems to be an active link bug in Ember 1.5.0.beta-4 where too many links have the active class.

Ember v1.4


Ember v1.5.beta.4

Notice that when you click a person, all people links have the active class:



Here is a jsbin using Ember Canary to demonstrate the bug:


Possibly related to #4277, although my examples don't have query params enabled.


This only happens when the resource has a supplied function.

This exhibits the bug: {
  this.resource('people', { path: 'people' }, function() {
    this.resource('people.person', { path: ':person_id' }, function() {


This does not exhibit the bug: {
  this.resource('people', { path: 'people' }, function() {
    this.resource('people.person', { path: ':person_id' });

I'm glad you pointed this out as i thought i was doing something wrong :-).
I confirm this is happing in ember-1.5.0-beta4 (and since beta1) and not happing in 1.4.0


@machty - Thoughts? I'd hate to ship 1.5.0 with this bug if it is feasible to fix...

@rwjblue rwjblue added the bug label

I just confirmed that this PR: #4376 fixes this issue.

The problem is that the link to people.person is really a link to people.person.index. Currently the passed in context is dropped when a link-to does not link directly to a leaf route. The linked PR changes that behavior.


Thanks @raytiley. This is closed by #4376

@machty machty closed this
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