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problem with minified version of ember #733

maffoo opened this Issue Apr 24, 2012 · 6 comments

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maffoo commented Apr 24, 2012

Ember's jison-generated parser contains the function:

performAction: function anonymous(yytext,yyleng,yylineno,yy,yystate,$$,_$) {

which minifies to:

performAction:function d(a,b,c,d,e,f,g){

where the function name 'd' matches the name of the fourth parameter. This seems to work in most cases (e.g. browsers) but when I try to precompile ember templates on the server using rhino I get errors because the variable name 'd' resolves to the function itself, rather than the argument. It would seem that this minification is incorrect, because a collision between the function and argument name is probably undesired.

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wagenet commented Apr 24, 2012

@maffoo This is either a bug in uglifyjs, which we use for minification, or in Rhino.

maffoo commented Apr 25, 2012

@wagenet I tried piping ember- through uglifyjs here:

The offending parser function comes out as


with the function name removed entirely, as I would expect. So I think there still might be an issue with the way the minified ember file is being produced. It may also be the case that rhino has a bug with handling functions whose argument names collide with the function name, but it would still appear there's a problem with the minification.

eishay commented Apr 25, 2012

To be specific is this line:

@wagenet doesn't it need to be:

performAction: function performAction(yytext,yyleng,yylineno,yy,yystate,$$,_$) ...


performAction: function(yytext,yyleng,yylineno,yy,yystate,$$,_$) ...

I don't understand the syntax:

methodName: function anonymous(){}

What does it mean?

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wagenet commented Apr 25, 2012

@eishay That line is generated by jison. It's not something we have direct control over.

@wagenet wagenet closed this in e018447 Apr 25, 2012
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wagenet commented Apr 25, 2012

Looks like it was a uglifier bug that's been fixed in newer versions.

maffoo commented Apr 25, 2012

great! thanks for the quick fix.

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