Sometimes SortableMixin duplicates records (at least with ember-data) #965

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I've been playing with the new SortableMixin (introduced in 1527680) and I observed some strange behavior. I haven't been able to determine its origin but it's failing on the following fiddle:

As you see, I'm only inserting three items but nonetheless the third one gets duplicated.

Awesome work by the way :)


It seems to work fine if you bind to arrangedContent of the array controller, as in


It seems to work, but then I've found another bug. When I delete an item, it doesn't seem to remove the correct item from the list:

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I made a failing test for ember-data
I believe @tomdale is looking in to it

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@tomdale, are you actually fixing this?

@tomdale tomdale closed this in df9b5c9 Jul 10, 2012

Interestingly this fixes the duplicates but I'm now seeing missing items until I re-render, will investigate and see if I can shed some light on it tomorrow.


it seems that setting sortAscending: false still runs into this (or some similar) issue

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