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  • #14293 [BUGFIX] Remove style warning when the binding is quoted.
  • #12708 [BUGFIX] Improve compatibility between Ember.isArray and the native Array.isArray for FileList.
  • #14546 [BUGFIX] Update route-recognizer to v0.2.8.
  • #14575 [BUGFIX] Disallow calling Ember.get with empty paths.
  • #14591 [BUGFIX] Avoid run.next in app.visit resolve handler.
  • #14537 [BUGFIX] Improve behavior for query params with undefined values.
  • #14545 [BUGFIX] Fixes a number of issues with loading/error substates in ember-engines.
  • #14571 [BUGFIX] Prevent errors in watching infrastructure for non-object paths.
  • tildeio/router.js#197 [BUGFIX] Fix redirects performed during the routers validation stages. Properly handles replaceWith / transitionTo for initial and subsequent transitions.
  • #14520 [BUGFIX] Ensure local variables (block params) have higher precedence over helpers.
  • #14156 [FEATURE ember-glimmer] Enable by default.