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Notice: This repository is deprecated

We have been working hard to make it much easier to contribute to the Ember Guides over the last 6 months. As part of this process we have re-architected the Ember Guides so they are now a fully-fledged Ember application 🎉

What does this mean right now? At the time of writing we have not swapped over to the new structure but we want to keep the swap-over time to a minimum. If you want to contribute to the guides from now on you should contribute to the new infrastructure instead of this repo.

If you want to contribute to the content of the guides then make a PR on the new guides-source repo. This repo is almost 100% markdown and represents the content of the guides.

If you want to contribute to how the guides are displayed then you will probably want to contribute to the new guides-app. We will be updating the contributing guides as part of this new deployment.

Ember Guides

Build Status

This is the source for the Ember.js Guides.

Looking for repositories for other parts of the site? Check out website, ember-api-docs, super-rentals tutorial, statusboard, and styleguide


Welcome and thanks for your help! Please see for detailed instructions on how to format your work and submit a Pull Request.

Project layout

The Guides content takes the form of Markdown files (just like most READMEs). The Guides themselves are in the source folder. The left nav bar is produced from data/pages.yml. lib contains Middleman plugins, and spec contains tests for those plugins.

Running locally with Docker (recommended)

This is the recommended method for new contributors. Although the Guides are built with Ruby, most work is done in Markdown files. You don't need to know Ruby or install its dependencies to help out. Simply follow the Docker container instructions below to install and run locally.

First, install Docker and Compose and leave it running.

Next, the commands below will install all necessary dependencies for the Guides app and start a server. This will take a little while to run, possibly a few minutes. The dependencies will be installed inside a Docker container, and do not affect your normal developer environment.

git clone git://
cd guides
docker-compose build
docker-compose up

You can view the site locally at http://localhost:4567

Running locally with Ruby and Middleman

The Docker method described above is recommended over installing dependencies separately. However, if necessary, these are the manual steps. The Guides are built with Middleman, which runs on Ruby 1.9.3 or newer.

Mac users should install Ruby using rbenv to avoid changing their OS dependencies:

brew install rbenv

Follow the rbenv installation instructions to install the Ruby version specified here, then go through the init steps, set a global version, and restart the terminal. If gem env home shows rbenv in the path, your installation was successful. You should not have to sudo install any gems.

Once you have installed Ruby, you will need bundler and Middleman:

gem install bundler middleman

During build, Middleman will require Aspell to look for misspellings. On Macs, it can be installed via Homebrew:

brew install aspell --with-lang-en

On Windows, you can download an installer, but unfortunately it is unmaintained. On Linux, you can install with your distribution's package manager. On all platforms, you can also build the most recent version from source.

Some Mac users may also need to install openSSL, which will be indicated in an error during the bundle command. See

To get started:

Local Dev

git clone git://
cd guides
bundle exec middleman


Then visit http://localhost:4567/.

If you run into problems, check


If you have a false hit during spellchecking, you can add the word to /data/spelling-exceptions.txt. Words are line separated and case insensitive.





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