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RFC Tracking

Repo for issues to track progress of accepted Ember RFCs

For each merged RFC a tracking issue is opened. It is assigned to the champion(s) of the RFC. Also available to view in a project.

Each RFC needs to be planned by each team. For an example of a planned RFC, see Please use checklists to enable the progress bar.

Each team may wish to amend the template for their second (listing expected areas to consider, for example).

Champion Tips

  • Follow the checklists on the RFC repo
  • Assign yourself to the tracking issue
  • Add labels to the tracking issue. Edition, relevant team(s) as specified in the RFC
  • Ensure each team considers & plan the RFC, adding tasks & issues to the tracking issue
  • Update the tracking issue regularly
  • Make sure the tracking issue is formatted correctly (checkboxes for each task) to gain progress bars
  • Update the project board when the RFC enters a new stage
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