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Theresa Dudley Flanders

I just downloaded the starter kit tonight to start an app and felt a little lost when the README was basically empty, so I whipped up some intro text. I also learned from the issue queue about the protocol-relative jQuery URL as I tried to open index.html in my browser. I figure I won't be the last person to stumble upon the ensuing error. Edit at will! Thanks for the jump start.

Dudley Flanders

Thanks for the patch, but there's some intro text in TODO.txt now.

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Apr 16, 2012
Theresa theresaanna add some instructional text to the README cf3a44c
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1 1 Download the ZIP to get started with Ember.js: <>
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  3 +The starter kit provides a very basic "Hello World!" site framework for you to begin building your Ember.js app on. It includes a basic CSS reset, favicon and standard iOS mobile device icons from <>. 'js/app.js' is where you'll start building your app.
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  5 +jQuery is included via a protocol-relative URL, or network-path reference. This means that you will need to load your app using a web server like Apache, Nginx, etc, or you will receive errors when trying to load your index.html. For more on protocol-relative URLs: <>.

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