Hobby-project using Twitch Chat, Twitch-Kraken API, reactJS & firebase
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A hobby project, which tries to implement a more comfortable & feature-rich chat app for Twitch. PoC developed during the Capstone project of Udacity's Machine Learning Nanodegree.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Its guide can be found here.

3rd party libraries

  • brain.js - for classifying messages as "show" or "hide" using Neural Networks
  • firebase - to persist data and authenticate the user via Twitch
  • material-ui - easy & fast UI/UX
  • mimir - bag-of-words model
  • react - front-end framework <3
  • redux - state <3
  • redux-thunk - for those awesome actions that actually aren't actions
  • tmi.js - Twitch api & chat connection

New Clone

Basically follow the steps here.

  1. Create the src/config.js file with firebaseConfig & twitchConfig.
  2. Create the functions/service-account.json file Docs
  3. Set the twitch clientId & clientSecret as GCloud env variables Docs
  4. firebase functions:config:set twitch.client_id="yourClientID" twitch.client_secret="yourClientSecret"
  5. for local dev, also set firebase functions:config:set twitch.client_id_dev="yourClientDevID" twitch.client_secret_dev="yourClientDevSecret"

Table of Contents

Sending Feedback

We are always open to your feedback.

Folder Structure

TODO some info about the structure

  functions/ (contains the code for firebase-functions)
  node/ (model evaluation and verification, as well as the used dataset)
      NeuralNet.js (the NN implementation, extending brain.js's functionality)
      Twitch.js (additional layer on top of tmi.js to connect to Twitch)
    components/ (contains all the React components used in the Web App)
    redux/ (contains all actions and reducers used to manage state)

Something Missing?

If you have ideas for more “How To” recipes that should be on this page, let us know.