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package src
import (
var Packages = map[string]map[string]starlark.Value{
"io": map[string]starlark.Value{
"Reader": io.Reader,
"ReadCloser": io.ReadCloser,
"io/ioutil": map[string]starlark.Value{
"NopCloser": ioutil.NopCloser,
"ReadAll": ioutil.ReadAll,
"net/http": map[string]starlark.Value{
"Get": http.Get,
"Response": http.Response,
"ResponseWriter": http.ResponseWriter,
"Handler": http.Handler,
"ListenAndServe": http.ListenAndServe,
"HandleFunc": http.HandleFunc,
"sync": map[string]starlark.Value{
"WaitGroup": sync.WaitGroup,
"time": map[string]starlark.Value{
"Sleep": time.Sleep,
"Duration": time.Duration,
"Nanosecond": time.Nanosecond,
"Microsecond": time.Microsecond,
"Millisecond": time.Millisecond,
"Second": time.Second,
"Minute": time.Minute,
"Hour": time.Hour,
"Now": time.Now,
"Time": time.Time,