Ruby script to test your server for the TLS Heartbleed attack.
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Testing a remote server

To see whether your server is vulnerable to the TLS Heartbleed attack, simply run

$ ruby heartbeat-test.rb <server> [<port>]

If no port is specified, 443 is assumed as the default.

Testing client software

The Heartbleed attack affects servers and clients alike. You may run a server that detects vulnerable clients with

$ ruby heartbeat-server.rb [<port>]

The port is optional, by default the server runs on port 4443.

If you'd like to see if your locally installed OpenSSL is vulnerable, simply open another shell and run

$ openssl s_client -connect localhost:443

Now watch what the heartbeat server has to say about that client.

Another useful thing you might want to do is check whether your updated version of OpenSSL is picked up correctly by your favorite programming language. The file heartbeat-client.rb contains a simple example for checking if the OpenSSL version Ruby is compiled against is vulnerable. This approach should work for any other language that relies on OpenSSL in a similar way.

You can test all kinds of client software, I guess. Browsers, too!

Can you please make a web app?

No. It's a memory dump after all and who knows what this might contain. This bug is severe and there have been reports that it was possible to read passwords, keys and session ids from affected servers. You couldn't possibly want to trust me with operating a server where I could see parts of the memory of your local machine!


Do not use this script to cause harm.



Further info

See for further infos on the attack.