Embree v2.14.0

@svenwoop svenwoop released this Feb 8, 2017

  • Added ignore_config_files option to init flags that allows the application to ignore Embree configuration files.
  • Face-varying interpolation is now supported for subdivision surfaces.
  • Up to 16 user vertex buffers are supported for vertex attribute interpolation.
  • Deprecated rtcSetBoundaryMode function, please use the new rtcSetSubdivisionMode function.
  • Added RTC_SUBDIV_PIN_BOUNDARY mode for handling boundaries of subdivision meshes.
  • Added RTC_SUBDIV_PIN_ALL mode to enforce linear interpolation for subdivision meshes.
  • Optimized object generation performance for dynamic scenes.
  • Reduced memory consumption when using lots of small dynamic objects.
  • Fixed bug for subdivision surfaces using low tessellation rates.
  • Hair geometry now uses a new ribbon intersector that intersects with ray-facing quads. The new intersector also returns the v-coordinate of the hair intersection, and fixes artefacts at junction points between segments, at the cost of a small performance hit.
  • Added rtcSetBuffer2 function, that additionally gets the number of elements of a buffer. In dynamic scenes, this function allows to quickly change buffer sizes, making it possible to change the number of primitives of a mesh or the number of crease features for subdivision surfaces.
  • Added simple 'viewer_anim' tutorial for rendering key frame animations and 'buildbench' for measuring BVH (re-)build performance for static and dynamic scenes.
  • Added more AVX512 optimizations for future architectures.


Embree v2.13.0

@svenwoop svenwoop released this Nov 21, 2016 · 473 commits to release since this release

  • Improved performance for compact (but not robust) scenes.
  • Added robust mode for motion blurred triangles and quads.
  • Added fast dynamic mode for user geometries.
  • Up to 20% faster BVH build performance on the second generation
    Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor codenamed Knights Landing.
  • Improved quality of the spatial split builder.
  • Improved performance for coherent streams of ray packets (SOA layout),
    e.g. for fast primary visibility.
  • Various bug fixes in tessellation cache, quad-based spatial
    split builder, etc.


Embree v2.12.0

@cbenthin cbenthin released this Oct 18, 2016 · 740 commits to release since this release

  • Added support for multi-segment motion blur for all primitive
  • API support for stream of pointers to single rays (rtcIntersect1Mp and
  • Improved BVH refitting performance for dynamic scenes.
  • Improved high-quality mode for quads (added spatial split builder
    for quads)
  • Faster dynamic scenes for triangle and quad-based meshes on AVX2
    enabled machines.
  • Performance and correctness bugfix in optimization for streams of
    coherent (single) rays.
  • Fixed large memory consumption (issue introduced in Embree
    v2.11.0). If you use Embree v2.11.0 please upgrade to Embree
  • Reduced memory consumption for dynamic scenes containing small meshes.
  • Added support to start and affinitize TBB worker threads by passing
    "start_threads=1,set_affinity=1" to rtcNewDevice. These settings
    are recommended on systems with a high thread count.
  • rtcInterpolate2 can now be called within a displacement shader.
  • Added initial support for Microsoft's Parallel Pattern Library (PPL) as
    tasking system alternative (for optimial performance TBB is highly recommended).
  • Updated to TBB 2017 which is released under the Apache v2.0
  • Dropped support for Visual Studio 2012 Win32 compiler. Visual
    Studio 2012 x64 is still supported.


Embree v2.11.0

@cbenthin cbenthin released this Sep 1, 2016 · 1154 commits to release since this release

  • Improved performance for streams of coherent (single) rays flagged
    with RTC_INTERSECT_COHERENT. For such coherent ray streams, e.g.
    primary rays, the performance typically improves by 1.3–2×.
  • New spatial split BVH builder for triangles, which is 2–6× faster
    than the previous version and more memory conservative.
  • Improved performance and scalability of all standard BVH builders on
    systems with large core counts.
  • Fixed rtcGetBounds for motion blur scenes.
  • Thread affinity is now on by default when running on the latest
    Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor.
  • Added initial AVX512 support for future Intel® Xeon processors.


Embree v2.10.0

@svenwoop svenwoop released this May 20, 2016 · 1712 commits to release since this release

  • Added a new curve geometry which renders the sweep surface of a
    circle along a Bézier curve.
  • Intersection filters can update the 'tfar' ray distance.
  • Geometry types can get disabled at compile time.
  • Modified and extended the ray stream API.
  • Added new callback mechanism for the ray stream API.
  • Improved ray stream performance (up to 5-10%).
  • Up to 20% faster morton builder on machines with large core counts.
  • Lots of optimizations for the second generation Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor codenamed Knights Landing.
  • Added experimental support for compressed BVH nodes (reduces node
    size to 56--62% of uncompressed size). Compression introduces a
    typical performance overhead of ~10%.
  • Bugfix in backface culling mode. We do now properly cull the
    backfaces and not the frontfaces.
  • Feature freeze for the first generation Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor
    codenamed Knights Corner. We will still maintain and add bug fixes
    to Embree v2.9.0, but Embree 2.10 and future versions will no longer support it.