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@svenwoop svenwoop released this Jan 10, 2020

  • Added quaternion motion blur for correct interpolation of rotational transformations.
  • Fixed wrong bounding calculations when a motion blurred instance di
    instantiate a motion blurred scene.
  • In robust mode the depth test consistently uses tnear <= t <= tfar now in order
    to robustly continue traversal at a previous hit point
    in a way that guarentees reaching all hits, even hits at the same place.
  • Fixed depth test in robust mode to be precise at tnear and tfar.
  • Added next_hit tutorial to demonstrate robustly collecting all hits
    along a ray using multiple ray queries.
  • Implemented robust mode for curves. This has a small performance impact but
    fixes bounding problems with flat curves.
  • Implemented issue with motion blur builder where number of time segments
    for SAH heuristic were counted wrong due to some numerical issues.
  • Fixed an accuracy issue with rendering very short fat curves.
  • rtcCommitScene can now get called during rendering from multiple threads
    to lazily build geometry. When TBB is used this causes a much lower overhead
    than using rtcJoinCommitScene.
  • Geometries can now get attached to multiple scenes at the same time, which
    simplifies mapping general scene graphs to API.
  • Updated to TBB 2019.9 for release builds.
  • Fixed a bug in the BVH builder for Grid geometries.
  • Added macOS Catalina support to Embree releases.
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