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iOS app for organizing Potlucks
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Potluck by ManyHands


Potluck is an iOS app built for collaborative potlucks and community meal organization.


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  • Authentication via email, phone, Facebook or Google
  • Event creation and management
  • Invite and RSVP handling
  • Requested and pledged dish/item management
  • Notifications and reminders of upcoming events
  • (future premium) Copy and add recurring events
  • (future premium) Invite over 30 attendees
  • (future premium) Messaging and bulletin boards
  • (future premium) Multiple hosts or admins
  • (future premium) Other corporate or large group needs


  • Swift 4
  • Google Firebase with Authentication, Firestore, Realtime Database (future), and Dynamic Links


© ManyHandsApp 2015-2018

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