VNX Direct Driver
Latest commit dcdc4f1 Sep 2, 2016 @peter-wangxu peter-wangxu Switch to conditional lock
This patch enables conditional lock for initialize_connection and

* When destroy_empty_storage_group = False, no lock for above interfaces
* When destroy_empty_storage_group = True, lock for both just behave
  like previous driver

Previously, vnx driver has a lock for a certain storage group,
now, with this patch, driver can performe multiple attachments/detachments
for a certain host(storage group) concurrently when
destroy_empty_storage_group = False.
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vnxCinder VNX Cinder driver for Mitaka Aug 30, 2016 VNX Cinder driver for Mitaka Aug 30, 2016 VNX Cinder driver for Mitaka Aug 30, 2016 Switch to conditional lock Sep 2, 2016 Fix issue for toggle sp Sep 1, 2016

VNX Cinder Driver

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Driver Repositories

Detailed Usage

EMCCLIFCDriver (EMC VNX FC driver) is based on the FibreChannelDriver
defined in Block Storage.

EMCCLIISCSIDriver (EMC VNX iSCSI driver) is based on the ISCSIDriver defined in Block Storage.

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