Lab instructions for Serverless for Managers (originally THINK 2018 Lab 5790A)
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Lab instructions for serverless lab (originally THINK 2018 Lab 5790A)

Looking for the PDF of the talk itself? It's here.


In this lab, you will:

* Create a serverless function
* Check your function's logs
* Delete or suspend your function


You need an IBM Cloud account! Sign up for one with this link


Signing in:

  1. Visit in your browser.

  2. Click on the "person" icon in the upper-right-hand corner: person icon

  3. Choose "sign in" from the drop-down menu: sign in

  4. Click on "My cloud console" and choose "Dashboard": dashboard

Creating a Function

  1. Find the menu in the upper left-hand corner: menu
  2. Click on the menu and choose "Functions": functions
  3. Click the "Start Creating" button: actions
  4. Choose "Create Action": create action
  5. Give your action a name: name action and click the "Create" button.
  6. See your code! your code
  7. Invoke your code by clicking the "Invoke" buttom: invoke NOTE: if you get a "Not found" message, add a blank line at the end of your code block, save, and invoke again.
  8. Check out the results of your activation! activation results

Using an Input Parameter

Cloud functions accept a single parameter, a JSON object called params in our function here.

Update your function code to say "Hello " and your name by changing line 11 to read:

return { message: 'Hello, ' +}

Then click on "Change Input" in the function header:

change input

And enter your name as a parameter called name:

{"name": "Erin"}


Click "Apply".

Click "Invoke" again and you should see an output that looks like this:

params example results

Adding Logs

You can add logging statements to your function very simply. To test this, add console.log("This is a log message.") to your function:


Save and Invoke your function and you should see this output:

console log output

Note that the timestamp and the type of log (stdout) are included automatically.

You can see full Kibana logs for all your function invocations by clicking "Logs" in the sidebar:

logs menu

This will take you to a full Kibana dashboard (it make take a minute or so to load):

kibana dashboard

Adding a Web Endpoint

It's very simple to make your function a public web endpoint!

From the Action sidebar, click on Endpoints:


Click "Enable as Web Action" and Save:

enable web action

Copy and paste the string under "URL" by clicking on the copy icon:

public url

Open a new tab in your browser, and paste in your url. You should see something like this:

hello undefined

You won't see your name, because you didn't pass a parameter called name to your function.

Add ?name=Erin (or your name, of course) to the end of your URL and refresh. Your output should now include your name:

web output with name

Deleting Your Function

Navigate to the Actions overview dashboard and choose 'Delete Action' from the dropdown menu:

delete action