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Public domains flag images.
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Public Domain Flags

This repository contains the public domain flags of all the 249 countries that have been officially assigned a two-letter country code by the ISO 3166-1 alpha2 standard.

The files are in the public domain and were obtained from Wikimedia Commons.

The repository contains:

  • SVG images in svg.
  • PNG inages in png:
    • 256 pixel wide images in png/256.
    • 512 pixel wide images in png/512.

Images at any resolution can be created rasterising the SVG files.

Rasterising SVG Files

On Apple OS X SVG files can be rasterised using librsvg, which can be easily installed using MacPorts:

$ sudo port install librsvg

An SVG file can be rasterised using the following command:

$ rsvg-convert [options] name.svg -o name.png

The images in png were created using the following command (executed in the repository root directory):

for res in 256 512
  for i in svg/*.svg 
    IMAGE_NAME=$(basename $i .svg)
    rsvg-convert -w ${res} $i -o png/${res}/${IMAGE_NAME}.png
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