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The code for FTC Team 4508's 2012-2013 season.
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E=MC SQUIRRELED -- Ring It Up! Code Base


This project contains all the code for FTC Team 4508, E=MC Squirreled, during the Ring It Up! Game.


This code is for education purposes. Please read through it, learn what you can, and copy what you need. Our goal is to promote open source software and coopertition in the FTC community


  • teleop/ Teleop code for the NXT

  • autonomous/ Autonomous code for the NXT


Unless otherwise stated, all code is written by

Thanks to:

  • My coach for his tireless answering of dumb, brainless questions.
  • Skinkworks, Sparbots, and the other RobotC masters of the FTC forum.
  • RobotC for a great product.
  • Xander for great drivers and sample code.
  • FTC teams 4187 The Byte Riders ( and ???? Very-Able ( for cooperating with us on nearly everything this season.
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