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A Safari clone of RES - Adds some keyboard shortcuts to reddit!
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Vim Keys for Reddit

This is a minimal Safari clone of the Reddit Enhancement Suite. Unfortunately, the Reddit Enhancement Suite doesn't support Safari - so this project introduces support.

Install Latest Version

You can download the latest version here. Install it by downloading, unzipping, and then dragging it to your Applications folder. Make sure it's enabled in your Safari extension settings, too!

Supported Keyboard Shortcuts

  • j - Navigate down one post / comment.
  • k - Navigate up one post / comment.
  • J - Navigate down one post/comment at the same level (skipping over replies to the current comment.)
  • K - Navigate up one post/comment at the same level (skipping over replies to the previous comment.)
  • a, A - Upvote the current post / comment.
  • z, Z - Downvote the current post / comment.
  • c - Open the comment section for the current post.
  • C - Open the comment section for the current post in a new tab.
  • l - Open the comment section and linked URL for the current post in new tabs.
  • x - Expand/collapse an expando or comment, or load more comments on a "Load more comments" link.

Differences from RES Behavior

  • The first post / comment on the page is automatically focused when the page loads. On RES, the first time you press j or k it'd select the first post, instead.

  • There is no infinite scrolling for the time being, which is unfortunate. Sorry!

  • Once you've expanded an expando with x, navigating with j and k won't cause other expandos to automatically expand.

  • The enter key cannot be used to collapse or expand comments and expandos.

  • Pressing c or C on a comment will open the permalink page for that comment.

  • There are quirks in navigation after additional comments have been loaded via a "load more comments" link.


Vim Keys for Reddit is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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