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These addons allow you to export models to Spore using the 3D modelling software Blender 2.8. The addons include:

  • RW4 Exporter: Used to export models into Spore to use them for your mods, with support for textures, materials, animations...
  • ANIMATION Exporter: Used to export animations that can be played by creatures in Spore.
  • GMDL Importer: Used to import Spore creations into Blender (.gmdl files).
  • RW4 Importer: Used to import most models in the game into Blender, so you can see how they are made.

Tau_6 (a render of creature Tau made by Deoxys, using the GMDL importer)



  1. Download the from the latest release page.
  2. Open Blender, and click the Edit -> Preferences... menu.
  3. In the dialog that appears, go to the Add-ons tab and click the Install... button.

4. Find the .zip file you downloaded in the File Browser, select it and click on Install Add-on from File... 5. The Import-Export: SporeModder Add-ons item will appear, enable it by clicking on the square box:

If you want to use the latest development version, download the repository as a zip using the Clone or download button in this same page. Development version might not be stable, use at your own risk.