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My personal website.
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Personal site.

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Intro | Installation | Local Setup | Server Setup | Credits


This is a hybrid environment using WordPress to manage content, and Nuxt.js to serve a front-end application.


To clone and run this application, you'll need Git and Node.js (which comes with npm) installed on your computer.

Local Setup

# Clone this repository
## You can use the repo name as the dir name
$ git clone

## OR Use whatever dir name
$ mkdir [insert dir name here]
$ cd [insert dir name here]
$ git clone .


# Go into the repository and the cms dir
$ cd edc/cms

# Make a wordpress dir
$ mkdir wordpress

# Clone WP in wordpress dir
$ cd wordpress
$ git clone .

# Create a working branch from the right release
$ git checkout tags/5.2.3
$ git checkout -b stable-5.2.3

# NTS: You also need vars for the Pinterest API
$ edc/cms/custom/themes/edc/includes/functions/endpoints/endpoint_vars.php

Installed Plugins


# Go into the repository and the app dir
$ cd edc/app

# Install dependencies
$ npm install

# create an .env file
$ touch .env

# Run the app
$ npm run dev

Extra NPM Packages

Installed Plugins

Default head entries and modules in nuxt.config.js

Note: Change the keys or project IDs

  • n/a


Need to SASS? Check the official Nuxt.js docs. There's a base SASS setup in the assets dir, but just delete it if you don't need it.

Server Setup

Link to docs coming soon.


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