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What is LDAP portlet

LDAP portlet is a simple plugin for Liferay incapsulated LDAP server (Apache DS 1.5.7). It starts LDAP server on port 10389 during server startup (or portlet deploy).

Why it is required

Sometimes it may be required to have simple LDAP server for integration with Liferay and other applications (mostly for testing purpose). Installing and configuring system's LDAP server (OpenLDAP or Active Directory) may required system administrator rights. This plugin allow start simple LDAP server just by deploying plugin into Liferay. It's advantages:

  • Simple start - just deploy plugin into Liferay
  • Simple backup - it's stored it's files under ${liferay.home}/data/ldap folder - so, LDAP data may be simple backuped together with other Liferay's data

How to install

LDAP Portlet now avialable in Liferay Marketplace Another option - You can build portlet from sources (maven is required), or download

How to connect

After starting Server available under port 10389. To connet you should use:

  • admin dn: uid=admin,ou=system
  • password: secret

So, here is a sample settings you can use to configure Liferay and this LDAP server integration:

  • Base Provider URL: ldap://localhost:10389
  • Base DN: dc=liferay,dc=com
  • Principal: uid=admin,ou=system
  • Password: secret
  • Users
  • Authentication Search Filter: (mail=@email_address@)
  • Import Search Filter: (objectClass=person)
  • rest settings are default
  • Groups
  • Import Search Filter: (objectClass=groupOfUniqueNames)
  • rest settings are default
  • Export
  • Users DN: ou=users,dc=liferay,dc=com
  • User Default Object Classes: top,person,inetOrgPerson,organizationalPerson
  • Groups DN: ou=groups,dc=liferay,dc=com
  • Group Default Object Classes: top,groupOfUniqueNames

Liferay version supported

This plugin supports versions Liferay 6.1 CE/EE and 6.2 EE/CE.

Future plans

  • Control port, start and stop of service from Liferay's Control Panel
  • We are thinking on implementing LDAP browser as part of this portlet. It should work not only embedded server, but as well any external LDAP server.


LGPL 3.0

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