partial implementation of world citizenship protocol for attendees registration during meetings
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#bl_pass - Documentation files


bl_pass is a partial implementation of World-Citizenship protocol find it here:, for id generation over bitcoin blockchain.

its purpose is originally help meetings like coinfest to register attendees by using an automated platform to generate ids, but could be a start point to continue the development of stronger tools like the ones proposed by Bitnation.

Disclaimer: there is not warranty about the safety of this software still needs more work to be put on production environments and could crash with medium or high traffic


bl_pass has the follow features, this start version is coded to work in linux-OSX computers only, it is recommended have a tablet device for register attendees connected to a wireless private network to computer that runs software as server(recommended under low internet bandwidth), or you can deploy the django project into services like openshift (check, a deployment of this project).

The computer runing the backend locally or the tablet connected to deployed platmorm must have internet access in order to consume blockchain api to get data such as last block, index hash, merkle.

the computer can, then, print to document and send by email, use a printer and get id cards, and if attendee requires, use notary services like, recommended work with electrum wallet to that.

we're currently working on storj integration and improve id's render to export to pdf.

bl_pass features are:

  • responsive admin interface
  • register attendee data
  • automated register generation(json file, signatures, timestamp, blockchain information, hash generation to publish in blockchain)
  • html5 id render
  • production environemts support(tested in with openshift, already tested with coinfest ghana staff)

features to develop:

  • id verification system
  • improve id cryptographic management
  • multi key support
  • automated publication into notary services (currently working with bitproof
  • api and mobile app to deal with low bandwidth internet connections
  • automated publication of files (currently working with storj


  • Django==1.7.3
  • argparse==1.2.1
  • bootstrap-admin==0.3.3
  • django-extensions==1.4.9
  • django-grappelli==2.6.3
  • pycrypto==2.6.1
  • six==1.9.0
  • wsgiref==0.1.2
  • Pillow==2.7.0
  • xhtml2pdf==0.0.6
  • html5lib==0.999
  • reportlab==3.1.44
  • PyPDF2==1.24

#3 ABOUT US developed this software, we are a start-up that works with technology and language services, visit us at, you can write us at or follow us at @emdyp.

every comment, help or donation is wellcome, you can support us by helping with the development, designing cool id templates, giving us your feedback.


  • bitcoin: 1DHxhFbyWFe59yCzuFeumN6UBFz6qPZhPX
  • vericoin: VVNkwZrUnDNwYyz89fNdMhCFh2h3tFfWiT

we support bogota coinfest 2015, even in blockchain :) thanks to Afrikanus and Philip of coinfest ghana and Andres Maya of parquesoft popayan for helping us to test and improve this software