Library to use Kestrel as a spout within Storm
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Library to use Kestrel as a spout from within Storm. It also has an adapter to allow a DRPC server to enqueue DRPC requests to Kestrel.

To use this spout, you need to use this fork of Kestrel. This library requires out-of-order acking to be exposed via Kestrel's memcached API. This is not exposed in Kestrel's master repo, but it is exposed in our fork. We hope to have this functionality rolled into master soon.

Spout usage

The KestrelSpout in this library reads messages off of one or more Kestrel servers. When using the spout, it is recommended that you increase the parallelism of the spout to increase the rate at which you can read messages from Kestrel.

The spout deals gracefully with any errors coming from Kestrel. It will blacklist Kestrel servers for 60 seconds if there is an error or timeout. After the 60 seconds is up, it will try that server again.

By default, KestrelSpout emits 1-tuples containing a byte array as its output. You can provide a Scheme to the KestrelSpout to deserialize those byte arrays into a tuple structure of your choosing. This library comes with a StringScheme that will UTF-decode the byte arrays into Java strings.


storm-kestrel is hosted on the Clojars maven repo. To include it as a dependency in your project, add Clojars as a Maven repository to your pom.xml with the following snippet:


Then, you can add storm-kestrel as a dependency like so: