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d3.sketchy consists of three ways to make your dataviz look more sketchy:

d3.sketchy.circle creates an SVG circle element with an SVG path element over it that looks like a hand-drawn circle. The current circle outline is too static and needs to be improved, but by adjusting the strokeWidth property a bit among your circles, you can make them look different.

d3.sketchy.rect does the same things for rectangles and includes a .jostle property to make them more or less off-kilter.

d3.sketchy.randomColor takes a color and a range (between 0 and 1) and returns a color that has been perturbed along HSL by that range. Notice that pure hues need more perturbation to be readily visible.

The circles and rects work in a pretty straightforward manner similar to the SVG components already in D3:

  var sketchyRectangle = d3.sketchy.rect();

Likewise for a circle:

  var sketchyCircle = d3.sketchy.circle();

Sketchy colors are just: d3.sketchy.randomColor("pink",.075);

Here's an interactive example using circle-packing, brushing and bar charts.