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A brush for selecting cyclical data
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npm install d3-svg-circularbrush

A control for selecting cyclical data. Like d3.svg.brush, it fires "brushstart", "brush" and "brushend" events when you drag the resize areas or extent. Here's an example based on a 24-hour clock.

Here's a more complicated example that takes advantage of circularbrush.filter to display radial data in a linear manner.

#circularbrush.range defines the range of the brush. The domain is fixed at 0,2π, and so the range needs to be a corresponding two value array (such as [1,24] for hours of the day). Defaults to [0,2π].

#circularbrush.innerRadius sets the inner radius of the brush (which uses d3.svg.arc). Defaults to 50.

#circularbrush.outerRadius sets the outer radius of the brush (which uses d3.svg.arc). Defaults to 100.

#circularbrush.handleSize sets the size of the handles in radians. Defaults to .2

#circularbrush.extent() returns or sets the current extent of the brush based on the set range of the brush.

#circularbrush.filter(array,accessor) returns the items in the array that are within the current extent of the brush. For extents that overlap the 12 o'clock position, the earlier half of the data is inserted before the later half. This means if you've sorted your data before sending it to .filter, then it will come back sorted in the proper order for display.

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