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  • <SparkOrdinalFrame>, <SparkNetworkFrame> and <SparkXYFrame> are all available. They have the same interface as the regular frames but the resulting data viz is generated with <span> elements instead of <div> elements so it can be dropped in a <p>. The frames get their height from the line-height computed by the span they're in (so inherited from the parent or styled on the frame directly). They have some different default settings, so by default your axes will not render with baselines or ticks (though you can override any of these) and the network settings are tuned for tiny graphics. HTML annotations are not honored on Spark frames but SVG annotations are and XYFrame tries to have a reasonable default of a react-annotation with the value of the hover.

screen shot 2018-01-30 at 5 47 12 pm

* Network node labels now accepts JSX SVG.


  • By default axis baselines will only render for the first axis on that orient (so you won't get three if you have three differently styled axes on the "bottom")
  • Vertical boxplots would sometimes render off with certain margin settings.