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Tools to easily build disk image to use as VM
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Imagine is a small tool that creates a Vagrant base image. I maintain for my personal use and learning. Other tools like VeeWee or BoxGrinder would do the job very well but I wanted to get my hands dirty and solve the same problem using good old Bash.

To achieve our goal, we need the official Centos 6 ISO image, a Bash script and a kickstart script.

This is a work in progress:

  • the script is geared toward OSX and you will need to adapt it for other operating systems,
  • some of the hardcoded code would need to adapted to your requirement.

Please find the inital blog post here on [here].

Command Line

If you look under imagine/virtualbox, you will find the create-base-image command which is used like this:

create-base-image vmname iso_file kickstart_file


  • vmname is the name of the base image,
  • iso_file is the path to the download Centos 6 ISO on your file system,
  • kickstart_file is the kickstart file that will be used to customize your base image.

You will need to download Centos 6 base image from a mirror near you.

If you have download the CentOS-6.3-x86_64-bin-DVD1.iso base image in the /tmp directory, the following command will automatically create a new base image with the vagrant user in the ~/stores/ovf/test directory.

./create-base-image test /tmp/CentOS-6.3-x86_64-bin-DVD1.iso centos6-ks.cfg

You can change the target directory either by modifying the Bash script or by setting the OVF_STORE to the root your ovf store.

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