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(ns londonstartup.models.startup
(:require [monger.core :as mg]
[monger.collection :as mc]
[londonstartup.common.result :as result]
[londonstartup.common.validation :as validate])
(import org.bson.types.ObjectId))
(def ^:dynamic collection "startups")
;; Validation
(defn has-id? [startup]
(let [id (:_id startup)]
(and id (not-empty (str id)))))
(defn valid? [startup]
(result/merge-error-> startup
(validate/has-value? :website "A startup must have a website")
(validate/has-value? :name "A startup must have a name")))
(defn total []
(result/result (mc/count collection)))
(defn id->startup [id]
(let [lookup (mc/find-one-as-map collection {:_id id})]
(if lookup
(result/result lookup)
(result/error lookup :website "Unknown startup ID"))))
(defn website->startup [website]
(let [lookup (mc/find-one-as-map collection {:website website})]
(if lookup
(result/result lookup)
(result/error lookup :website "Unknown website"))))
(defn website-free? [{:keys [website] :as startup}]
(if (= 0 (mc/count collection {:website website}))
(result/result startup)
(result/error startup :website "The website already exists")))
(defn name-free? [{:keys [name] :as startup}]
(if (= 0 (mc/count collection {:name name}))
(result/result startup)
(result/error startup :name "The name already exists")))
(defn id-free? [{:keys [_id] :as startup}]
(if (or (not _id) (result/has-error? (id->startup _id)))
(result/result startup)
(result/error startup :_id "Startup entry already exists")))
(defn startups []
(result/result (mc/find-maps collection)))
(defn convert-id [startup]
(if-let [_id (:_id startup)]
(if (instance? ObjectId _id)
(result/result startup)
(result/result (assoc startup :_id (ObjectId. _id)))
(catch Exception e (dissoc startup :_id))))
(result/result startup)))
(defn generate-id-if-needed [startup]
(if (has-id? startup)
(result/result startup)
(result/result (merge startup {:_id (ObjectId.)}))))
(defn- add-raw! [startup]
(mc/insert-and-return collection startup))
(defn add! [startup]
(result/until-error-> startup
(defn- update-raw! [startup]
(let [update-result (mc/update-by-id collection (:_id startup) startup)]
(if (.getField update-result "updatedExisting")
(result/result startup)
(result/error startup :startup "Could not update"))))
(catch Exception e (result/error :startup "Could not update"))))
(defn update-valid? [new-startup current-startup]
(if (or (= (:website new-startup) (:website current-startup)) (not (result/has-error? (website-free? new-startup))))
(if (or (= (:name new-startup) (:name current-startup)) (not (result/has-error? (name-free? new-startup))))
(result/result new-startup)
(result/error new-startup :name "Company name already in use."))
(result/error new-startup :website "Website already in use.")))
(defn update! [startup]
(result/until-error-> startup
(update-valid? (result/value (id->startup (:_id startup))))
(defn remove! [id]
(result/result (mc/remove-by-id collection id)))
(defn remove-website! [website]
(result/result (mc/remove collection {:website website})))
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