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(ns londonstartup.models.startup-test
(:require [londonstartup.models.startup :as startup]
[londonstartup.models :as models]
[monger.core :as mg]
[monger.collection :as mc]
[londonstartup.common.result :as result])
(:use clojure.test)
(import org.bson.types.ObjectId))
;; CRUD test
(let [google-id (ObjectId.)
yahoo-id (ObjectId.)
github-id (ObjectId.)
google {:_id google-id :website "" :name "Google Inc." :lead "A leading search engine."}
yahoo {:_id yahoo-id :website "" :name "Yahoo! Inc." :lead "A leading directory."}
github {:_id github-id :website "" :name "Github" :lead "The open source repository."}]
;; Fixtures
(defn init-db [f]
(binding [startup/collection "startupsTEST"]
(defn clean-db [f]
(mc/remove startup/collection)
(startup/add! google)
(startup/add! yahoo)
(use-fixtures :once init-db)
(use-fixtures :each clean-db)
(deftest valid?
(is (not (result/has-error? (startup/valid? google))))
(is (result/has-error? (startup/valid? {}))))
(deftest total
(is (= 2 (result/value (startup/total)))))
(deftest id->startup
(is (= google (result/value (startup/id->startup google-id))))
(is (result/has-error? (startup/id->startup "1234"))))
(deftest website->startup
(is (= google (result/value (startup/website->startup ""))))
(is (result/has-error? (startup/website->startup ""))))
(deftest website-free?
(is (not (result/has-error? (startup/website-free? {:website ""}))))
(is (result/has-error? (startup/website-free? {:website ""}))))
(deftest name-free?
(is (not (result/has-error? (startup/name-free? {:name "New Inc."}))))
(is (result/has-error? (startup/name-free? {:name "Google Inc."}))))
(deftest id-free?
(is (not (result/has-error? (startup/id-free? {}))))
(is (not (result/has-error? (startup/id-free? {:_id (ObjectId.)}))))
(is (result/has-error? (startup/id-free? {:_id google-id}))))
(deftest adapt-startup
(is (instance? ObjectId (:_id (result/value (startup/convert-id {:_id "51ae0bfe300497063eabcfc5"})))))
(is (instance? ObjectId (:_id (result/value (startup/convert-id {:_id (ObjectId. "51ae0bfe300497063eabcfc5")})))))
(is (nil? (:_id (result/value (startup/convert-id {:_id ""}))))))
(deftest startups
(is (= (list google yahoo) (result/value (startup/startups)))))
(deftest add!
(startup/add! github)
(is (= 3 (result/value (startup/total))))
(is (result/has-error? (startup/add! github)))
(is (= 3 (result/value (startup/total))))
(is (result/has-error? (startup/add! {:website "" :name "Other"})))
(is (= 3 (result/value (startup/total))))
(is (result/has-error? (startup/add! {:website "" :name "Github"})))
(is (= 3 (result/value (startup/total)))))
(deftest update!
(let [update-result (startup/update! (merge google {:website ""}))]
(is (nil? (result/errors update-result)))
(is (= google-id (:_id (result/value update-result)))))
(is (= "" (:website (result/value (startup/id->startup google-id)))))
(is (result/has-error? (startup/update! (merge google {:website ""}))))
(is (result/has-error? (startup/update! (merge google {:name "Yahoo! Inc."}))))
(deftest remove!
(startup/remove! google-id)
(is (= 1 (result/value (startup/total))))
(is (= nil (result/value (startup/id->startup google-id)))))
(deftest remove-website!
(startup/remove-website! "")
(is (= 1 (result/value (startup/total))))
(is (= nil (result/value (startup/id->startup google-id))))))
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