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2014-Peak Skis
2015-Emergent Update Aug 18, 2017
Matt Nish-Lapidus CV August 2017.pdf cv update Aug 18, 2017

I am Matt Nish-Lapidus, a designer, musician, artist, who uses technology to create things and experiment. I'm based in Toronto and work all over the place. I also teach design and art at CIID (, at conferences, and in workshops.

I'm really interested in the intersection of design and art, the capacity for technology to transform spaces, and the impact of sound in different environments. Networks (and scale), technology ethics, exposing hidden patterns, and transmutation come up a lot in my various works.

Eventually I'll have some more content at

At some point I might actually put some code in here too.

Sometimes I give talks, like this one at Interaction'16 in Helsinki:

Other stuff I make

I sometimes write stuff and share things that I like:

You can find my music and audio art at:


  • Add more clarity and structure to media filenames
  • Add more projects
  • Add some code based projects with code (link to other repos? probably)
  • create hub at that links here and elsewhere

What is this?

This git repository is my public portfolio. In each folder you'll find some media files and a file that explain the project. Some of the pieces are better documented than others, and some have more process files. It's inconsistent.

I will be adding and updating this regularly, and trying to include a cross section of my work. The structure may change as more work is added and it needs to be more organized, but it will stay simple.

Some day I might use this as the foundation for a website, but I've been saying that since 1999.