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Duna Watchdog

Brief description

It opens the apps configured in etc/duna.xml, each one inside a new screen session. Then it checks if these apps are alive, warning by mail when one of them crash/end/close. When that happens, DunaWatchdog try to restart the app.

If one app cannot start/restart, DunaWatchdog also warns about it by email. Additionally you can tell DunaWatchdog to restart an app if it have reached a certain memory percentage.

DunaWatchdog logs are generated automatically and screen logs can be enabled for each app inside etc/duna.xml.


  • Install software: mutt msmtp screen
$ git clone
$ cd dunaWatchdog
$ ./
  • move/rename the portable folder wherever you want. It is all you need.
  • Edit portable/etc/msmtp.conf with your gmail user and password. Any mail configuration can be used configuring msmtp.conf properly (see man msmtp)
  • Edit duna.xml adding the apps you want to watch. Also you can change the global time parameters at top for your own needs.
  • Edit portable/etc/muttrc writing the full path of msmtp.conf on the same folder. Must be done every time the portable folder is moved/renamed.

How to use it

$ portable/dunaWatchdog [--verbose] [--no_exe] [--no_recovery] [--no_mail]
  • Can be executed fron anywhere
  • Options are useful for debug purpouses

How to colaborate

  • sample.project and sample.cproject can be used removing the "sample" part to import easily the project into eclipse.


  • Translate code comments and outputs to English.
  • E-Mail message to config file.
  • Use Tmux instead of screen to run each app.
  • CMake/Autotools configuration to build project.