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The Artifactory resource lets you integrate your pipeline jobs with maven repositories in Artifactory.
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Artifactory Resource

The Artifactory resource lets you integrate your pipeline jobs with maven repositories in Artifactory.

This integration allows:

  • To deploy artifacts and poms generated by your build
  • To retreive artifacts in a repository
  • To trigger jobs when a new version of an artifact is available

Source Configuration

  • host: Required. The fully qualified domain name including the context root.
  • api_key: Required. The API key of a user with sufficient read and write privileges on the repositories you wish to use
  • repository_id: Required. The repository
  • group_id: Required. The maven groupId of your artifact
  • artifact_id: Required. The maven artifactId of your artifact


Resource Type Configuration:

    name: artifactory
      repository: emeraldsquad/artifactory-resource
      type: docker-image

Resource configuration for an artifact:

    name: my-artifact
    type: artifactory
      api_key: <API KEY>
      artifact_id: wonderful-artifact
      group_id: emerald.squad
      host: ""
      repository_id: repo-local

Retreiving artifacts:

- get: my-artifact
- get: my-artifact
    qualifiers: [sources,javadoc]

Pushing local commits to the repo:

- put: my-artifact
    path: artifacts


check: Check for new artifacts.

The resource searches for folders under http(s)://<host>/<repository_id>/<group_id>/<artifact_id>. It expects to get a list of valid maven versions (See for details). All subsequent versions of the given ref are returned. If no version is provided, the resource returns only the latest.

in: Download the artifacts at the given ref.

Download the artifacts of the given ref to the destination. It will return the same given ref as version.


  • qualifiers: Optional. The artifacts classifiers ex: [source,javadoc]. If specified, the resource will only retreive the qualified artifacts.

out: Push the artifacts to the repository.

Push the artifacts from the given path to the Artifactory maven repository. The resource will push every files presents in the folder specified in the path parameter. The version parameter is optionnal but the resource expect at least a version file containing a version in the format <timestamp>-<git hash>. You can easily generate a version of this format from your pipeline using the shell echo "$(date +'%s')-$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)" > version.


  • path: Required. The path of the files to push to the repository.
  • version: Optional. The path to a version file. Defaults to <path parameter>/version.
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