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I found some images in the template with text in them. (images/icons/private.gif) Since we are translating PP rather intense the last few days, I was wondering if you could make those images without the text in them. Then we can replace the 'imagetext' with true text/locale strings. So we can truly translate every single thing in PP.

I think it would be the last thing this template needs to become the new default for PP.
(it is awesome, especially in combination with the plug-in. Thanks for this theme!)

Cheers and thank you in advance.


emeraldcurtain commented Feb 15, 2012

Hi Engelbert,

I hadn't considered the translation aspect - I definitely want to help project move forward in this regard. I can certainly modify the images, and will need to tweak the CSS to display the text again.

The reason I'd used image text was that the current text is long ("Private task lists") and I wanted to scale it down. May I suggest that the text/local string be shorter?

I'm looking through the theme now, and see two other instances of text images:
-- layout/actions.png -
I added this so the dropdown menu would have a label (the current text is "..."). I can remove the text and trim this down to just the arrow -- but can we get actual text in there? Our clients were totally confused by the ellipses and didn't realize it was a dropdown menu until we pointed it out.

-- permissions/permissions.png and permissions/permissions-header.png
These are going to be a bit tricky, as the text is vertical to fit all the columns on a page. I'll give some thought to how it could be changed, and welcome any ideas.

I should be able to implement everything but the permissions graphics in the next couple of days. Time is tight but these are pretty small tweaks.

I appreciate the feedback - thanks.


Maybe we should involve @phpfreak too, that way we can get the coding things in line with the translation and the translation in line with the design.

actions menu
I think the string is there in the translation for the actions-menu, but it is not included in the template.
( in the Dutch translation I have a string like this:
| 1712 | actions | == | Actions | Actions|
So I guess it is translatable, but just not implemented yet.)

Permissions graphic
This one could be tricky indeed.
Dividing the 'groups' into separate tables, that way the text's could be horizontal.

Thank you for the speedy reply!



emeraldcurtain commented Feb 15, 2012

I've modified the actions graphic, private graphic, and construction.css to remove the image text from everything except the permissions page - the commits should be online now.

actions menu - I made the following change in my local copy of pageoptions.php: (Haven't quite gotten the hang of local repositories and forking yet)

Line 12:
Change line 12:

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  • I guess that would do the trick, isn't it? Great!
    Nice fast service... I like that!


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