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Theme for Project Pier 0.8.8 - alpha
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 Emerald Curtain 1.4 for ProjectPier
Revision: 1.4 (December 2011)
Compatibility: Projectpier 0.8.8 alpha
Author: Phillip Bryan
License: HPL (Honest Public License
Theme Home:

A new theme for project pier focusing on usability and clarity.

What's New

This theme has been configured to work with Project Pier 0.8.8 - alpha.

Theme Installation
1. Download theme files from
2. Unpack the files to a temporary space on your hard drive
3. Upload the files to your web server in the directory
   /projectroot/public/assets/themes/ where projectroot is the root
   directory of your ProjectPier or activeCollab installation.
4. Log into your ProjectPier or activeCollab installation and select:
   Administration > Configuration > General
   Select your new theme from the drop-down menu and click the "Save" button

About ProjectPier
ProjectPier is an Open Source project management and collaboration
tool that you can install on your own server. It is released under the 
terms of the Honest Public License - HPL (see license.txt for details).  
It is built upon the source code of the activeCollab software version 0.7.1 
which is also licensed under the HPL

Change History
	* First public release

	* Header and login graphics replaced
	* Header area restyled
	* Tickets page restyled

	* Updated to work with Project Pier 0.8.8-alpha
	* Header area reworked
	* Dropdown "menu" styling
	* Major changes to Time page 
	* Major changes to Permissions page 
	* Significant changes to Reports page

	* Project moved into github.  Further substantive commits are listed by date.
	* Added stylesheets directory "colorbox" and small changes to rewrites.css
	* Added class to task_list.css to correct problem on task page

	* Removed text from "private" icon and "actions" dropdown button

01 - login screen
02 - dashboard
03 - my projects
04 - contacts
05 - project overview
06 - project action menu
07 - project milestones
08 - project task list
09 - project messages
10 - project note
11 - project reports
12 - project tickets
13 - project time
14 - administration time
15 - administration permissions
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