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Theme Settings plugin for ProjectPier
Revision: 1.1 (December 2011)
Compatibility: Projectpier 0.8.8 alpha
Theme Compatibility: emeraldCurtain 1.4
Author: Phillip Bryan
License: HPL (Honest Public License
Theme Home:
A new plugin for project pier that allows the emeraldCurtain-1.4 theme to be customized for individual products.
What's New
This plugin requires administrator accesses. Improper or malicious use of this plugin can have damaging effects on your project pier database.
This plugin has been designed to work with Project Pier 0.8.8-alpha, using the emeraldCurtain-1.4 theme. Using this plugin with other versions of ProjectPier, or with other themes, may have unexpected results.
Plugin Installation
1. Download plugin files from
2. Unpack the files to a temporary space on your hard drive
3. Upload the files to your web server in the directory
/projectroot/application/plugins where projectroot is the root
directory of your ProjectPier installation.
4. Log into ProjectPier and select: Administration > Plugins
Select "Active" for the "Theme Settings" plugin and click the "Change" button
Plugin Usage (general)
1. Log into Project Pier as an administrator.
2. Select a project from the "My projects" menu.
3. On the Project Overview screen, select "Theme Settings" from the "Actions" dropdown menu.
4. Select "Add Theme Settings" button.
5. Please refer to the screenshots for descriptions of the "Theme Settings" panel
About ProjectPier
ProjectPier is an Open Source project management and collaboration
tool that you can install on your own server. It is released under the
terms of the Honest Public License - HPL (see license.txt for details).
It is built upon the source code of the activeCollab software version 0.7.1
which is also licensed under the HPL
Change History
* First public release
01 - newly project using emeraldcurtain1-4 theme
02 - access the theme settings plugin
03 - there are no settings for this project yet
04 - set the favicon and title position
05 - set the user menu
06 - set the header image
07 - set the navigation menu
08 - set the page background
09 - dont use the custom css
10 - hot theme in action
11 - dashboard view uses theme from active project
12 - a second projects theme
13 - a third project using custom images
14 - creating a minimal theme for mobile devices or wordpress embed
15 - minimal theme in action
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