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v0.7.10emc: Minor release. Upgrade is not required but recommended.

@EvgenijM86 EvgenijM86 released this
· 8831 commits to master since this release
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Minor release. Upgrade is not required, but recommended.

  1. CORE: Completely redesigned and rewritten PoS spam protection subsystem. Now it:
    deletes fake spam headers in a memory
    does not generate false bans for a correct peers.
  2. CORE: Added PoS spam protection to the testnet.
  3. CORE: Disabled build and maintain address->name index, used for API command name_scan_address. It speeds up blockchain download. You can activate this feature by nameaddress=1 config option, if you are using the command name_scan_address.
  4. RPC: fixed bug in API method name_scan_address.
  5. NET: Increased STUN server list to 701 entries. This is used to figure out your external IP address.
  6. CORE: PoW mining code is removed from release version, because some websites and antiviruses identify it as malicious miner. You can still activate this code in a debug version if you need to test things out.
  7. CORE: It is now possible to enter safe mode by receiving an alert from dev team. You can disable this feature by disablesafemode=0 config option.
  8. emerDNS: fixed dots-bug in TXT fields. Returns EDNS0 extension for NOERR answers only.
  9. emerSSL/GUI: removed fake root certificate “EMCSSL” from a *.p12 package.
  10. NET: Disabled propagate info about banned peers in a peer advertising process.