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Releases: emericg/WatchFlower

WatchFlower 5.3

03 Oct 10:28
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  • Various fixes and cleanups
  • Fix bugs related to Android status bar
  • Add a new "advanced settings" screen (work in progress)
  • Improve compatibility with Qt 6.6

WatchFlower 5.2

01 Aug 14:50
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  • Android 12 fixes
  • Don't show notifications when the Android application is on the foreground
  • Rewrite Bluetooth detection and permission handling
  • Major UI code cleanup
  • Many visual improvements
  • Plant screen UI improvements
  • Heat alarm improvements
  • Implement simple vibration for iOS

WatchFlower 5.1

29 May 16:55
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  • Plant database improvements
  • Plant journal improvements
  • Try to improve Android permissions detection
  • Qt 6.5 fixes

WatchFlower 5.0

15 Mar 18:40
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  • Add support for Flower Care "Tuya" variant (HHCCJCY10) (MUST be added to its official application ONCE in order to work)
  • Add support for Qingping "Air Monitor Lite" (CGDN1) (MUST be added to its official application ONCE in order to work)
  • Add preliminary support for "MJWSD05MMC" hygrometers
  • Add preliminary support for ATC firmwares
  • Add preliminary support for b-parasite sensors


  • Fixed support for Flower Care Max
  • Fixed editing plant journal


  • Revamped tutorial
  • Many graphing improvements
  • Many quality of life improvements
  • Select which month/week to show in history
  • Select which notifications categories are enabled
  • Add a macOS "application menu"
  • Add the possibility to split sensor list into different sections (plant sensors, thermometers, environmental sensors)
  • Add device information for thermometers and environmental sensors
  • Add dew point display for thermometer (if is set to "outside")
  • About and Settings screens are loaded on demand

WatchFlower 4.1

29 Jun 13:52
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  • Tablet UI improvements
  • macOS dock improvements
  • Various bugfixes and optimizations

WatchFlower 4.0

24 Jun 18:57
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New features

  • Android background updates and notifications (experimental)
  • New dynamic sensor update system, only update sensor detected near you
  • New in-app sensor info screen
  • New plant browser screen
  • New plant selection screen
  • New plant journal screen
  • New nearby device scanning screen
  • Add support for XMWSDJO4MMC hygrometer
  • Add support for Honeywell 'Formaldehyde HCHO Monitor' (JQJCY01YM)
  • Add support for Qingping 'Bluetooth Alarm Clock' (CGD1)
  • Add support for Qingping 'Temp & RH Barometer Pro S' (CGP1W)
  • Add history support for RoPot sensor
  • Improve support for Qingping 'Temp & RH Monitor Lite' (CGDK2)
  • Improve support for Qingping 'Temp and RH M Monitor' (CGG1-M)


  • So many UI improvements
  • Histograms will show average and max values if needed
  • Improved tutorial
  • Faster all around
  • Graphs will always be loaded (and reloaded) asynchronously
  • Device scanning improvements
  • Device updating improvements
  • Native builds for mac with M1 processors
  • Hard switch to Qt 6.3

WatchFlower 3.2

07 Jan 14:15
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  • Sanitize saved settings from window geometry (desktop)
  • Fix action buttons not resetting state once clicked (mobile)
  • Warn Android users that they should (probably) have GPS enabled to scan for BLE device (mobile)
  • Hard switch to Qt 5.15
  • Various code cleanups

WatchFlower 3.1

02 Nov 17:19
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WatchFlower 3.0

14 Oct 10:29
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  • Simplify core logic for improved reliability
  • Add ways to synchronise multiple sensors history at once
  • Add more sensor value sanity checks for improved reliability
  • Improve MySQL database support (still experimental)


  • Various UI cleanups
  • Screen scaling improvements
  • Clean and improve the settings screen

Platform specific

  • Add a launch screen for iOS
  • Add new macOS permissions
  • Publish a Windows installer
  • Publish a Linux FlatPak version

WatchFlower 2.1

09 Jul 09:24
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  • Performance improvements
  • UI improvements
  • Updated translations