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Interface to execute remote commands using the infrastructure of an MTA
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MailCommander is an interface to execute remote commands using the 
infrastructure of an MTA and emails as its UI. 

It does so by parsing the data received in the body of the email and
fetching the command from either the recipient of the email or the subject. 

It includes a small API for commands implementation: Commands API.
It also has an authentication/authorization module, so commands 
can be validated first before actually executing them. 

New commands may be added by placing them under the "cmds" folder
as python modules, and each command should extend the Command class.
This way, the code remains the same while being scalable.

Each module included in the "cmds" folder may include a configuration
file "command.conf" where parser, parser options and output templates
may be specified. If no parser is registered for the command then
the PropertiesParser will be used by default. 

Each command may return text or html output after being
executed, and this output will be sent to the person that
requested the command as well as to every user that is responsable
for authorizing it. The output by default is generated using
Cheetah templates, and the location to these may be included
in the command's configuration file.

It's been tested under Postfix, but other MTAs should work as long 
as they allow setting custom transports for specific domains. YOU
DON'T NEED AN MTA TO USE/TEST THIS (although it's meant to be used
by one).


-> Cheetah templates

USAGE: <options>

Available options:
    -c, --config        path to configuration file 
                        default: /etc/MailCommander/commander.conf
    -h, --help          show this message

The email source should be passed through stdin.
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