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Iterate over recent workspaces using Alt+Tab
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Power Alt-Tab

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Gnome-Shell extension that provides an MRU Workspace Switcher. The switcher is bound to the "switch_group" event, which means that you need to assign a keybinding for this under gnome settings.

When iterating over workspaces, a list of thumbnails for each is displayed on the screen.

This is useful when you have lots of workspaces available, with specific windows on each, so navigating through all your windows is much easier. The idea was taken from the Xmonad contrib module that does the same thing (iterates over workspaces using alt-tab:

It is named Power Alt Tab because it was made back in gs 3.2, when there was no MRU Window Switcher available (only App Switcher), this extension used to replace the app switcher with a window switcher, but over time gs added its own window switcher so we only support the MRU WS switcher now.


You need to have NodeJS (npm) for all of the following to work:

First step is to download source code and build dependencies:

git clone && cd power-alt-tab
npm install

There are two ways to install from sources:

Install directly to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions and enable extension

node_modules/.bin/gulp install

Create ZIP file in dist/ for installation through Gnome Tweak Tool

node_modules/.bin/gulp dist


Edgar Merino (donvodka at gmail dot com)

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