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Gnome-Shell extension that shows the focused window titlebar in the status panel.
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Edgar Merino authored

Status Title Bar

Gnome-Shell extension that shows the current focused window's title in the status panel when maximized. It replaces the current AppButton that shows the current focused application's name by default. If the current focused window is not maximized, then it falls back to showing the focused applications name.


You need to have NodeJS (npm) for all of the following to work:

First step is to download source code and build dependencies:

git clone && cd status-title-bar
npm install

There are two ways to install from sources:

Install directly to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions and enable extension

node_modules/.bin/gulp install

Create ZIP file in dist/ for installation through Gnome Tweak Tool

node_modules/.bin/gulp dist


Edgar Merino (emerino at nuevebit dot com)

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