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add compatibility with ubuntu 12.04 #5

marcusklaas opened this Issue Mar 29, 2012 · 12 comments


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the addon is not compatible with GNOME SHELL in ubuntu 12.04


emerinohdz commented Mar 29, 2012

I do not have ubuntu, can you provide more information? what error do you get in the logs? the extension is meant to work with gnome shell 3.2.X, what version of gnome shell is ubuntu 12.04 using?

I think it is using some elements of 3.4.. anyway i just get the "UR version of gnome shell aint supported yo" message at the gnome extensions website

TypeError : Main.panel._leftbox.insert_actor is not a function

gnome-shell-3.4.0 on Fedora 17


emerinohdz commented Apr 17, 2012

seems like it's broken in 3.4, I'll take a look at it as soon as I get the time to do it

I replaced Main.panel._leftBox.insert_actor with Main.panel._leftBox.insert_child_at_index, no errors are reported, by the extensions doesn't do what it is supposed to do

Hexcles commented Apr 24, 2012

Yeah the problem is GNOME 3.4. Hope to support it soon!

jglick commented May 8, 2012

I saw a problem in console referring to a missing SPINNER_ANIMATION_TIME but I am not sure if it was fatal.


mathematicalcoffee commented May 10, 2012

Hi @emerinohdz , I managed to make a working version of StatusTitleBar for GNOME 3.4 (just copied over the AppMenuButton class from the GNOME 3.4 panel.js & made your changes to it). It's in the master branch of my fork of your repository. I don't know how to ask to merge it back into yours or what the etiquette is there because I don't really know how to use git properly :P but I'm happy to contribute my version back to your repo!


emerinohdz commented May 10, 2012

Hello @mathematicalcoffee! I was about to work on this today, since yesterday I upgraded to 3.4, happy to know you did us all a great favor :)

I'll be glad to merge your branch into my master branch, it is actually pretty simple to accomplish this in github, all you have to do is submit a pull request, there's a nice guide here: http://help.github.com/send-pull-requests/

Hope to hear from you soon, so I can upgrade the extension in the gnome's extensions site too.

damn bitches if it was so easy to fix why did it take u over 2 months..


mathematicalcoffee commented May 10, 2012

@marcusklaas well it looks like @emerinohdz only upgraded to 3.4 yesterday and it's somewhat difficult developing extensions for a shell version you don't have. Also, developing gnome shell extensions are not the only things consuming most people's lives, so I hope you can be a little understanding here :)


emerinohdz commented May 10, 2012

@marcusklaas the code is open you know? fix it next time you need it, as @mathematicalcoffee did.

@emerinohdz emerinohdz closed this May 10, 2012

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