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Hi emerinohdz,

I'm not sure if I chose the right branch to pull into (I picked your development branch to keep your master branch clean?).

I basically made a fork of your repo and my modifications were done based off whatever was in the master branch.


  • insert_actor --> insert_child_at_index (in enable()/disable())
  • copied the AppMenuButton class from panel.js (the GNOME 3.4 version) and:
    • modified _init like you did (connect up maximise/minimise/change workspace events)
    • modified _sync like you did (display the title of the window not the name of the ap)
    • added the _onMaximise, etc events

There's also a folder 'notes' that contain the app menu button class from panel.js (GNOME 3.2) and your app menu button class from the GNOME 3.2 version of your extension.js just so I could see what changes you made (so that I could replicate them in the GNOME 3.4 version) - they're unnecessary but I don't know how to not include them in the pull request.

I have not done rigorous testing but it appears to work in GNOME 3.4 for me.



Hello @mathematicalcoffee, you chose the right branch. To ignore things in git, look for documentation on the ".git" file.I'll merge this know and update it in a few hours in the extensions site. Thanks for you contribution!

@emerinohdz emerinohdz merged commit 51483e8 into emerinohdz:development May 10, 2012
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